The New RE:center


We believe there is a solution . . . Imagine a community center where people can come and recenter their lives in a more positive direction . . . 


A welcoming atmosphere for our entire community. Not just for church partners.

Though this operation is led by theCHURCH, it is not exclusive to those who are Christians. We love to help everyone. We welcome all people from all backgrounds without pushing any religious agenda. Christ-centered faith is an option and the basis of our framework, but not a requirement for participants.


Coffee shop. Leadership Training. Daily gatherings. Event center. Counseling center. Prayer Room.

A computer room. Job training and consistent workshops from local business owners. A re-entry program for people coming out of the prison systems. Resources for the homeless. Life skills workshops (car maintenance, home economics, music skills, etc). Youth programs. Work ethics programs.


A commitment to making our community better. A strong financial investment. Owning roots into our community.

In our community we have a lot of pain, unwise decisions, and country-wide problems, affecting every sector on our mountain. People need resources and guidance to begin a new, more stable, lifestyle.


Expanded opportunities. A place for corporate growth. Space for personal growth. More physical space.

We can only accomplish so much in the building we currently operate out of. We have simply grown out of space and we must expand. At our current location we can only hold one workshop at a time and our resources are limited. Therefore we have purchased this building. A 10,000 square foot space that can accommodate up to 250 people. Our total finished price is $495,000.




Invest in our vision to see hope, healing, and inspiration for others by giving to our building fund!