What Our Community Is Saying

I absolutely love this church. I used to be not a church person but this church changed my world. If you have never been, then I beg you to go and find God. God is amazing.

Chelsey Burke

Absolutely breathtaking. I felt like I was at a concert for Jesus. I loved listening to Pastor Ernie’s preaching of the message. His style is captivating and passionate. Everything seems so we’ll organized, I was in awe. My young son and I were welcomed with open arms and he learned so much in his preschool class the first time, that he was telling me all about it the whole way home. I can’t wait to go back and learn more.

Katherine Cronan theCHURCH Attender

I absolutely love this church! Praise and worship Rocks! Pastor Ernie is powerful in preaching the word and sends a strong message. There is power in the name of Jesus, to Break Every chain!

Marsha Packer theCHURCH Attender

We have been searching for awhile to find our church home after moving to Pinetop and attended theChurch for the first time today. Our search is over! Praising God for leading us to this Spirit-filled Church! Love the music, the message, the people and the fact that God is clearly here.

Amy Jones theCHURCH Attender

Pastor Ernie and The Church have been the main church to step up and actively help. They are active with the Drug Court and have been an amazing resource. They have not shied away from digging in and helping. I am grateful for all their help and inspiration to our participants. They are doing God’s work, not just talking about it.

Anna Atencio Team Member / Navajo County Drug Court Team

I’ve lived here for over a year now…in Feb. of this year my world was turned upside down, and I had my trust shattered among other things. So it’s been many months now where I just didn’t think I could trust going to church, but this morning after almost talking myself out of it, I did go with my roommate, and I just want to say how so very happy I am that I walked through the doors.
Pastor Ernie was so easy to understand, which made it enjoyable and worthwhile, and the want to hear God’s word through him, and I think especially with what he spoke about this morning was so fitting to my past experience..
As we stood there singing along this morning I had tears running down my cheeks , not sure why maybe it Jesus cleansing my soul, who’s to say…I will be returning, and thank you soooooo much!

Wendy Mirlo theCHURCH Attender

My family and I visited a few Sunday’s ago when we were visiting my mother in law, we are from Phoenix. It was her first time attending. Just got to say I could instantly feel the presence of God, I saw your heart for your community and to train up and equip the body for everyday, ordinary Christianity: moving in the Holy Spirit with salvations, signs and wonders, lives changed, purpose found but most of all connecting people to their father for relationship. It makes my heart so happy!! You guys are my people!

Crystal Hall

I think this place is perfect for me and my family. In being a recovering addict trying to find my place in this world it’s a breath of fresh air to come to the church. Great things are happening in this neck of the woods and it’s exciting to see. This place is so amazing, the Lord is working thru everyone here, today and every time we go I feel so much more inspiration to reach out to others, if you feel the same shout out!

Kendra Garcia

I went to the service this morning and it was the first time I’ve felt God’s presence since I was a youth in youth group. It was amazing and I’m going to go back every chance I get.

John Kennedy theCHURCH Attender