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What is the ACG? The Annual Christmas Gift is an opportunity to go above and beyond our regular giving to express our complete trust in God with our finances.  The money goes toward expanding the vision and mission of theCHURCH. 

2020 was a tough year for all of us because of the virus.  The main hurt to our ministry was to single moms in poverty, M.A.M.A.’S.  The M.A.M.A’s program (Mothers in Arizona Moving Ahead) brings together single moms with mentors who can help them to improve the overall health and financial stability of their families.  Our goal is to take these single mothers and their children out of poverty and into prosperity.  When the coronavirus hit the grant money to support it went away.  The money disappeared but the mothers didn’t.  And the children didn’t.  And we didn’t.  We have the structure of the program in place, leadership trained in generational poverty and mentors ready to go, but we need the money to fund it.  This is what the ACG (Annual Christmas Gift) is all about this year. 

The challenge is for you to give above and beyond what you normally give during this season so that we can make this program happen.  It cost $4,612 to support one mom for a year.  Our goal is to help ten moms per year for three years which comes to $138,366.  Our prayer is that the ACG will raise that amount of money.  Please, prayerfully consider your generous gift to make this dream a reality.  Thank you and God Bless you! 

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