What is the ACG? The Annual Christmas Gift is an opportunity to go above and beyond our regular giving to express our complete trust in God with our finances.  The money goes toward expanding the vision and mission of theCHURCH. 


Thank you for partnering with theCHURCH as we, through the efforts of our RE:center, continue to aspire to create a Jesus Culture that does not demand a Jesus response primarily by seeking the well-being of the community around us. Basically sharing the no strings attached love of Jesus Christ. Coming alongside people barely surviving living on the streets has always been a focus of our RE:center team. We invest time, resources, and education in group settings and one-on-one mentoring. These groups are single mothers in poverty and men and women leaving jail or prison. People from a life of addiction and abuse striving to create a better life for themselves and their families. In a facilitated group setting, we lead them through an 18-week course called “Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World”;

This course stabilizes people in their situations and builds resources to improve their lives. The Getting Ahead program guides participants through assessing their resources and how to utilize them to become self-sufficient. Our one-on-one mentoring is life-changing as mentors come alongside this project to provide accountability and encouragement. Mentors challenge the participant to a life that thrives rather than merely survives. Giving a hand-up rather than just a handout.

Jesus was concerned with all aspects of community health. We know the Gospel provides eternal healing and steadfast hope. Still, we cannot ignore the current physical, social, emotional, mental, environmental, and financial needs of our neighbors. Christ cared about it all, and He conquered death to restore it all.  With the support of our church family, the RE:center is creating a Jesus culture that does not demand a Jesus response. Therefore, we’re asking theCHURCH body to raise $70,000 to advance the RE:center’s Getting Ahead initiative. This initiative will holistically empower and restore broken community members and empower those in survival mode to become thriving community members. THANK YOU for your partnership!

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