What is the ACG? The Annual Christmas Gift is an opportunity to go above and beyond our regular giving to express our complete trust in God with our finances.  The money goes toward expanding the vision and mission of theCHURCH. 

2021 ACG VISION: Jesus was concerned with all aspects of community health. We know the Gospel provides eternal healing and steadfast hope. Still, we cannot ignore the current physical, social, emotional, mental, environmental, and financial needs of our neighbors. Christ cared about it all, and He
conquered death to restore it all.  With the support of our church family, the RE:center is creating a Jesus culture that does not demand a Jesus response. Therefore, we’re asking theCHURCH body to raise $75,000 to
advance the RE:center’s Survive-to-Thrive initiative. This initiative will holistically empower and restore broken community members and empower those in survival mode to become thriving community members.

Our 2022 Survive-to-Thrive initiative includes:

– Hiring a Full-Time RE:center Operations Director to market programs and fundraise for growth and ensure long-term program sustainability

– Hiring a Full-Time RE:center programs Director to focus on the management and success of programs 

– Hiring a Survive-to-Thrive Coordinator to provide case management and move community members through “survive” resources into “thrive” services and programs 

– Creating a team focused on prayer, covert evangelism, and discipleship through our feeding programs and cafe ministry.

Please, prayerfully consider your generous gift to make this dream a reality.  Thank you and God Bless you! 

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