Paid Positions

Position Title: RE:center Administrative Assistant

Position Description: This position is responsible for performing daily tasks as assigned by the RE:center lead team in support of the RE:Center goals and objectives.

Time: 20 – 25 Hours per week. Monday – Friday 10am – 2pm (and some scheduled special events)

Reports to: Pamela Williams

Core Competencies and Responsibilities:

  • Excellent computer skills
  • Social Media/ Marketing Experience
  • Attend RE:Center team meetings as needed
  • Employee must work the front desk
  • Greet people at the front door
  • Perform tasks within Planning Center
  • Perform communications tasks as needed for the RE:center programs (Facebook, Calendar)
  • Oversee the RE:center Events calendar.
  • Task out RE:center programs
  • Help with tasks related to programs, workshops, and events.
  • Build google forms as needed
  • Track data (people in and out / Staff time spent on SNAP)
  • Must be available to help clients with basic computer needs
  • Keep track of and ordering office supplies as needed
  • Available to do secretarial tasks
  • Ability to perform assigned tasks professionally and in a timely manner.
  • Train volunteers to share the volunteer work load. Fill in during emergencies or scheduled. vacations.
  • To keep all information confidential between you and theCHURCH/ RE:center staff.
  • I would add the skill set of

Skills and Qualifications:

  • A lover, follower and disciple of Jesus Christ.
  • A partner of theCHURCH / Read and agree with theCHURCH “Partner Covenant Plan”.
  • Pleasant personality, loving, joyful and the ability to make one feel welcome.
  • Good communication skills (active listening, compassion, positive feedback and followup) for receiving phone calls. Excellent computer skills.
  • Self Motivated.
  • Must have strong leadership qualities.

Position Title: Navajo County Reentry Project Coordinator

Position Description: The overall responsibility is to coordinate the components of the Navajo County Reentry Project. Duties shall include but not be limited to: support for NCRP participants, coach/participant matches, participant intake appointments, promotion of NCRP at Arizona prisons and county jail, recruiting Community Coaches, promoting NCRP in the community and advocating for services for participants of the Navajo County Reentry Project.

Compensation: This is a part-time grant funded contract position.

Reports to: Ron Everingham

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Enrollment and support of NCRP Participants. Complete Community Coach/Participant Matches. Facilitate quarterly Coach Support Meetings.
  • Recruitment of Participants for the Navajo County Reentry Project.
    • Scheduled visits to DOC Facilities
    • Maintain Contact with CO3’s at DOC.
    • Maintain Contact with State and Federal Parole.
    • Maintain Contact with County Jail
  • Recruitment of Community Coaches for NCRP.
  • Promotion and coordination of the NCRP Speakers Bureau.
  • Promotion of “From Inmate to Citizen” presentations.
  • Facilitation of Navajo County Reentry Coalition meetings when applicable.
  • Upkeep and improvement of the NCRP Resource Manual.
  • Identification of employers willing to hire participants of NCRP.
  • Provide support to Community Coaches as applicable.
  • Write press releases for NCRP as requested.
  • Advocate for and participate in radio and TV interviews promoting NCRP.
  • Assist with Grant Writing and Grant Reports for NCRP as requested.
  • Investigate and implement other opportunities for promotion of NCRP.
  • Assist and support Community Coach Trainings.
  • Attend and participate in community meetings for promotion of NCRP.
    • Networking for Solutions
    • Circles of Support
    • Others as applicable

Mental and Physical Demands

Requires independent judgment; ability to communicate orally and in writing with all types of groups; work under high levels of stress with time constraints when meeting grant and other deadlines. Travel in your personal vehicle may be required (mileage reimbursement is available per the grant at 44.5 cents a mile). The job also requires a valid AZ Driver’s license and the ability to lift and move at least 20 pounds.


  • Education/Experience
    • College Degree in a related field.
    • High level of project management experience and computer skills is required
    • Experience working with grant documentation is strongly desired
  • Special Qualifications
    • Computer capabilities – Fluent with Google Suites (docs, forms, sheets, etc), Ad and Internet
    • Understand and work under direction of supervisor and have interpersonal skills to work effectively with coworkers and multiple subcontractors in the community.
  • Other
    • Fingerprint testing required
    • Drug Screening required

Volunteer Positions

HisKidz Small Group Facilitator

Like teaching kids about Jesus?  Are you good at leading discussion?  This might be a great role for you.

HisKidz Small Group Facilitator's Assistant

Want to be involved with teaching kids about Jesus, but don’t feel like your gift is teaching?  Consider be a Small Group Leader’s Assistant.

HisKidz Worship

Do you love to sing?  Do you love to dance or do motions as you worship?  Consider joining the His Kidz Worship Team today. 

HisKidz A/V Tech

Are you gifted with technology?  Do you enjoy working with sound?  We need A/V Techs to help with the His Kidz production every Sunday. 

HisKidz Cleaning Crew

Do you enjoy serving behind the scenes?  Do you want to help provide a safe, clean, environment for His Kidz?  Please consider being a part of the His Kidz Cleaning Crew. 

HisKidz Registration

Are you a people person?  Do you enjoy meeting new people and have a friendly smile?  Be one of the first faces to welcome people to the His Kidz experience.

HisKidz Environment Enhancer

Are you gifted at decorating?  Do you enjoy creating exciting environments?  We need help making His KIdz the most engaging it can be through creating props, decorating rooms, or whatever else you see as a way to make the His Kidz experience the best it can possibly be. 

Worship Team

Interested in using your time and talents in music to lead others to worship Jesus the risen Savior?  Help us make it Easier for people to KNOW JESUS through music!  Apply today.

Audio Visual Team

Want to spread the message of Jesus to the WHOLE WORLD? Join our A/V team TODAY and start utilizing technology to bring the Gospel of Jesus to all the earth! Apply below.

Clean Team

Want to support efforts for a clean, inviting atmosphere where people can gather free from distractions in pursuit of the vision and mission of theCHURCH?

Apply Below

Safety Team

Just as the shepherd is concerned about saving the one lost sheep (Luke 15), we also need to protect those people, resources, facilities, and ministries entrusted to our care. How can we do anything less?

Apply Below

Safety Team Champion

When you enter a room, are you immediately drawn to areas of weakness in terms of security and safety of those in that space?  Do you have a heart for the safety and well-being of others around you?  If so, contact us about leading a team of people who seek the safety and well=being of our church.

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