Volunteer Positions

HisKidz Small Group Facilitator

Like teaching kids about Jesus?  Are you good at leading discussion?  This might be a great role for you.

HisKidz Small Group Facilitator's Assistant

Want to be involved with teaching kids about Jesus, but don’t feel like your gift is teaching?  Consider be a Small Group Leader’s Assistant.

HisKidz Worship

Do you love to sing?  Do you love to dance or do motions as you worship?  Consider joining the His Kidz Worship Team today. 

HisKidz A/V Tech

Are you gifted with technology?  Do you enjoy working with sound?  We need A/V Techs to help with the His Kidz production every Sunday. 

HisKidz Cleaning Crew

Do you enjoy serving behind the scenes?  Do you want to help provide a safe, clean, environment for His Kidz?  Please consider being a part of the His Kidz Cleaning Crew. 

HisKidz Registration

Are you a people person?  Do you enjoy meeting new people and have a friendly smile?  Be one of the first faces to welcome people to the His Kidz experience.

HisKidz Environment Enhancer

Are you gifted at decorating?  Do you enjoy creating exciting environments?  We need help making His KIdz the most engaging it can be through creating props, decorating rooms, or whatever else you see as a way to make the His Kidz experience the best it can possibly be. 

Worship Team

Interested in using your time and talents in music to lead others to worship Jesus the risen Savior?  Help us make it Easier for people to KNOW JESUS through music!  Apply today.

Audio Visual Team

Want to spread the message of Jesus to the WHOLE WORLD? Join our A/V team TODAY and start utilizing technology to bring the Gospel of Jesus to all the earth! Apply below.

Clean Team

Want to support efforts for a clean, inviting atmosphere where people can gather free from distractions in pursuit of the vision and mission of theCHURCH?

Apply Below

Safety Team

Just as the shepherd is concerned about saving the one lost sheep (Luke 15), we also need to protect those people, resources, facilities, and ministries entrusted to our care. How can we do anything less?

Apply Below

First Impressions Volunteer

theCHURCH only has ONE chance to make a first impression with your help we can make it a GREAT one

Apply Below

Safety Team Champion

When you enter a room, are you immediately drawn to areas of weakness in terms of security and safety of those in that space?  Do you have a heart for the safety and well-being of others around you?  If so, contact us about leading a team of people who seek the safety and well=being of our church.

Paid Positions

No Paid Positions Currently Available

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