“A Gospel Marriage” Message 12-5-21

9 December 2021
Series: Ephesians

Point: Your marriage might be the most vital gospel you ever preach.



1. Read verses 22-24. Why does this command for wives seem to go against our culture today?

2. Read verses 25-32. How is marriage a picture of the gospel? Explain.

3. Read verses 25 and 33. How can a husband love his wife the way that Christ loved the church? Explain your answer.

4. Sermon Application: 

Conviction: How does challenge you personally? Be specific.

Character: What about your role as a husband or wife needs to change? Be honest and specific.

Competence: What is your plan for change? What are you going to do, how are you going to do it, and when are you going to do it? Write it down in a journal and share it with the group.

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