“Anchored in Community” Message 5-23-21

26 May 2021

Speaker: Justin Cheely

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Point: Cross Generational Discipleship Happens When It’s Anchored In Community.

Scripture: Matthew 9:10-13; Matthew 26:20,26-29; Psalm 23


1. Have two group members read Matthew 9:10-13 and Matthew 26:20,26-29. Why do you think God chooses to form His people around tables in Community?

2. What would it look like for the church to invite the next generation to the table? What do you think that means to “invite them to the table”?

3. Read Psalm 23. Would you say that community is an act of war? Why or why not?

4. What is at stake if we don’t make community a priority?

5. Who is one person, couple, or family you know that you could intentionally invest in? How can we help you take that step?

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