“Apart” Message 5-1-22

4 May 2022
Series: Luke

Speaker: Chad Allen

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Point: Our part is to call people who are apart to be a part of the body of Christ.

Scripture: Luke 5:27-32

Principles for studying a passage of Scripture:

Comprehension: Asks – What does the passage say?
Interpretation: Asks – What does the passage mean?
Application: Asks – How should this passage change me?


1. Read Luke 5:27-32 together as a group.

Comprehension: In your own words, how would you summarize what is happening in this story?

Comprehension: There are at least 4 different audiences of people in this passage. Who are those? What are the differences between those audiences? Explain.

Comprehension: Read verses 31 and 32 again. Why did Jesus choose to minister to tax collectors and sinners instead of the Pharisees? Explain your answer.

Interpretation: Why do you think it was such a big deal that Jesus called a tax collector to be his disciple? Why would the Pharisees, or maybe even some of Jesus’ disciples, have had a problem with it?

Interpretation: Why did Levi (Matthew) leave everything to follow Jesus, even throwing him a huge feast and inviting his co-workers and friends? Explain your answer.

Interpretation: In verse 31, Luke relates our sinful hearts and minds with physical sickness, and Jesus with a physician. What does this say about hearts and minds? What does this say about the hope we have in Christ? Explain.

Application: What does this passage tell us about God’s character? About who Jesus is?

Application: How does your character need to change in order to better image Jesus to your friends, family, co-workers, etc.?

Application: How do you view the people around you? Do you view them as “sick” or helpless and needy in heart and mind? Or as godless sinners who are outside the reach of Christ? Does this affect the way you share the gospel? Explain your answer.

Application: How should this story change the way you view and share the gospel with others? Explain.

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