“Bring The Mountain Top With You” Message 6-13-21

16 June 2021

Speaker: Brian Kincade

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Point: Bring The Mountain Top With You.

Scripture: Mark 9:2-29


1. Read verses 2-6. Have you ever had an unforgettable “mountain-top” faith experience? Tell us about that experience.

 What was so impactful about that experience?

 How did it change your life?

2. Why do you think we always try to get back to (or stay in) those types of experiences, rather than bringing those experiences with us into everyday life?

 Comfort: Mountain-top experiences are comfortable. Nobody likes to be uncomfortable. If we could, we would just stay comfortable our entire lives – but God never calls us to comfort. Instead He expects us to take those experiences with us into the valleys of life, to reflect on them while we pursue His mission and purpose everyday.

3. Read verses 14-27. Why do you think it’s so hard to believe that Jesus can and will answer prayer in our favor?

 Answers: We know that God always answers prayer, but His answer is not always in our favor. Sometimes His answer is “No”.

 Hope: God calls us to ask hopefully, like a child, undeterred by the answer we get. A child knows what he wants and will ask persistently, hopefully – regardless of the answer. Have we lost our childlike hopefulness in prayer?

4. Read verses 28-29. Why is prayer oftentimes considered a last resort rather than our first and best option? Explain.

 False Sense of Security: Too often we have a false sense of security. We think we are in control and can take matters into our own hands. We don’t view ourselves as truly helpless, unable to do anything apart from Christ.

5. Where is God challenging you to grow in prayer? How can we help you take that step?

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