“Fully Human” Message 9-26-21

29 September 2021
Series: Ephesians

Speaker: Justin Cheely

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Point: Full humanity can only be experienced through the church of Jesus Christ.



1. Read verses 11-12. How does being separated from God, separated from God’s people, and separated from hope keep us from being fully human? Explain.

2. Read verses 13-18. How does the gospel reconcile us back to our true humanity? Explain.

3. Read verses 19-22. How does being a part of the church give us a new identity (as citizens), a new belonging (as a family), and a new purpose (as the dwelling place of God)? Explain.

4. Will you commit to standing in grace right here in this Community Group? How can we make it easier for you to be open and honest about your sin and struggles?

5. Will you commit to serving in theCHURCH? If you aren’t already, how will you serve regularly in theCHURCH in order to help build God’s Kingdom?

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