"Go Home" Message 2-16-20

18 February 2020
Series: Go

Point:  We often wonder if, when, and where God will “send us” to make disciples when He already has. The most consistent opportunity we have for sharing Jesus, and yet somehow the most avoided, is in our own home.

Scripture: Ps. 112:1-3; Col. 3:1-17

1. When it comes to sharing and teaching about Jesus, why is our own household usually the first to be overlooked or the hardest to reach?
2. Why does it seem easier to talk to people you don’t live with about Jesus?
3. When being obedient to the call to “Go and make disciples…”, why should your household be the first place you go? Why should our greatest witness for Christ begin in our own home?
4. How different would your household be if Jesus lived there? How is Christ living in you any different? Should it be? Explain.
5. How do your children view your faith and why? How do your parents view your faith and why? What can you do to create a better picture of Jesus in your home?

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