"Grow Your Story" Message 1-26-20

27 January 2020
Series: theCHURCH

Point: Life in Christ is a growing story. The only thing that stops the story from growing is when you stop growing closer to Jesus.

Scripture: Ps. 63:1-8, Jn. 10:14-15

1. When you love someone what causes that love to grow stronger and even more intense? What not only keeps you loving but initiates continual growth in that love?
2. Can someone really be in love with Jesus? How do we not only maintain a loving closeness with Jesus but also increase it and deepen it?
3. Why is maintaining closeness and growing in depth in your relationship with Jesus important?
4. Why is it sometimes easy to ignore or “forget about” a continuing growing relationship with Jesus?
5. Why do you think remaining close to Jesus depends more on us than it does Him? How would you describe your commitment to grow closer to Jesus, what does it look like?

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