"Ladies" Message 10-25-20

28 October 2020

Point: Identity in Christ informs your role; Your role does not form your identity.

Scripture: 1 Peter 3:1-6


1. How should a woman’s identity as a daughter of Christ lead her as she fulfills her role as a wife, daughter, mother, or single?

2. Peter tells wives to not let their beauty be merely external, but rather to focus on the beauty of the heart. What do you think it looks like to “adorn the hidden person of the heart”? Explain.
3. What do you think biblical submission looks like? Why do you think when people are asked to submit they either look for an exception or they rebel?

4. LADIES: How can submission to Jesus and His word make it easier for women to be subject to their husband or future husband?

5. MEN: How can a man make it easier for his wife to submit to God’s word in this context?

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