"Pray" Message 5-10-20

13 May 2020

Point:  When you pray do you seek answers more than you seek God? If all you seek is answers you probably won’t find them, but if you seek God, the answers just might find you. (M. Batterson)

Scripture: Psalm 116:1-9


  1. Read verses 1-2. Do you believe that God hears your prayers? Why or why not?

  1. How can we know that we are actually praying, as opposed to just thinking good thoughts about God or practicing self-help meditation? What elements of prayer are absolutely necessary? Explain.

  1. Read the passage again. Why do you think prayer tends to consist of demands to change our circumstances, rather than requests for God to align our souls with Him? Which does this Psalm reflect?

  1. Read verses 5-9. How does a conversation with the Living God encourage and strengthen us, even in the midst of our challenging circumstances? Explain.

  1. How does the practice of prayer (true and honest conversation with God) strengthen our walk right here, right now? How does it lead others to Jesus?
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