“Restoration” Message 8-29-21

31 August 2021
Series: Centered

Point: Though there will always be more to do, only true biblical rest will assure you of what needs to be done.

Scripture: Joshua 24:1-15


1. What do you think the difference is between leisurely rest and Jesus-centered rest? Is there a difference? Explain.

2. Read Joshua 24:1-13. Why do you think it is necessary to reflect on what God has already done?

3. Read Joshua 24:14. How does connecting with God through “Jesus-centered rest” actually get things done?

4. Read Joshua 24:15. How does taking time to reflect on what God has done and connect with Him daily, lead to you projecting a commitment to God in your everyday life?

5. Will you commit to a Christ-centered tomorrow? What does that look like? What needs to change? Give us a plan.

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