"theCHURCH" Message 3-22-20

25 March 2020

Point: Throughout history the church never allowed adversity and chaos to cause it to crumble. In fact it grew in adversity and thrived in chaos.

Scripture: Acts 4:32-37,5:42

1. Read Acts 4:32-37. The church was born in adversity, yet there was not a needy person among them. How can/should our church respond in the midst of the Coronavirus adversity?

2. Right now, Today, what does it look like to be one heart and soul, having everything in common?

3. What do you think people need right now?

4. How can we as the church offer real practical help both spiritually and physically?

5. What is one way YOU can serve during this time? What is one thing YOU can give (supplies, money, resources, etc)?

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