"Untamed" Message 11-10-19

11 November 2019
Series: theCHURCH

Point: We were created for courage not just comfort. There is nothing that demands more courage than living by faith in Jesus Christ.

Scripture: Hebrews 11

1. Read Heb. 11:6-7. When it comes to having faith in Jesus Christ, what do you think people need help with the most?
2. Read Heb. 1:8-12. Why do you think a lot of people gravitate towards “a faith” that has no risks? What is it that attracts them to it?
3. Read Heb. 11:23-28. Why do you think think that although many are attracted to a “no risk” faith, they can easily become fed up with it?
4. Read Heb. 11:32-38. How do you think a faith that began so violent, so unpredictable, and so untamed, a faith that required to be fought for, became so tame and even passive?
5. Read Heb. 11:38-40. How can faith be a force for good in the world today?

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