"Verified" Message 8-30-20

1 September 2020

Point: Just as God would test your faith. He also welcomes you to test His word.

Scripture: 1 Peter 1:1-12; Matthew 16:21-23


1. Read . Do you believe that the Bible (the Scriptures) is in fact the Word of God? Why do you believe this is true (or not)?

2. How much of your faith and belief in God is built on what other people (pastors, parents, teachers, etc.) told you is true?

3. How does choosing not to understand and verify truth complicate things?

4. Name something that you know 100% to be true. How do you know for a fact that it is true?

5. How can we become better at verifying what we believe to be true? In what areas of our lives is this verification necessary?

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