"Weightless" Message 11-17-19

23 November 2019
Series: theCHURCH
Topic: jesus , thechurch

Point: We can’t fight the fight we are called to fight when we are weighed down with, and even holding on to, the very things that we’re fighting against.

Scripture: Heb. 12:1-4; Ps. 19:12-14

1. Why is it easier to point out the faults and sins of others than to deal with your own?
2. Read Heb. 12:1. What are good “weights” we easily and even innocently pick up that could hinder our “running the race set before us”? What keeps us from “laying aside” these weights?
3. How do your weights and sins keep you from truly seeing Jesus?
4. Read Ps. 19:12-13. How do we know what sin is if not for God’s word? What could be categorized as hidden faults/sins and how will you identify yours and lay them aside?
5. Read Ps. 19:13-14. What is repentance? How will honest repentance lead you to “lay aside the sin… run with endurance… and focus on Christ”?

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