"You Know Enough" Message 1-19-20

21 January 2020
Series: theCHURCH

Point: Often the excuse for not telling others about how well we know Jesus is we don’t know enough. When the simple truth is if you know Jesus and if Jesus is enough then you know enough.

Scripture: Jn. 9

1. Read Jn. 9:1-5. Why do you think that people are more comfortable talking about the problems in the world than changing them?
2. How has Jesus affected your life? What is it about Jesus that you wish everyone you know could know?
3. Read Jn. 9:18-22. What are some things that people fear most when sharing their faith in Christ?
4. Read Jn. 9:26-27. Why do people think they need this big elaborate testimony before they can share Jesus?
5. What advice would you give someone in how to be more confident in sharing their faith in Jesus?

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