6months-2 years

At theCHURCH we provide a safe, fun, Bible-centered environment that encourages children to believe, accept and share God’s word. We believe that parents are called to be the primary spiritual leaders of their children and it is our privilege to come along side you as your child begins to develop a life long relationship with Jesus.


3-5 years


Kindergarten-5th Grade

4th-6th Grade

4th-6th Grade


4th-6th Grade

Tuesdays just got a whole lot better! We will be having youth group for preteens, 4th-6th graders, called “theMIX” from 5:00-7:00PM. Being a preteen is hard. You’re too big for the little kids and too young for junior high… theMIX is designed specifically for you. Come hang out and make sure you don’t get lost in the mix.

6th-12th Grade

6th-12th Grade


Our student ministries serves 6th – 12th grades. When Jesus entered the scene man-made religion was very prevalent. The movement that Jesus began shook the foundation on which the world had built an empire of rules and regulations. The message HE brought was so countercultural that the so called “religious” people of the day didn’t even recognize that the messiah they had been reading prophecies about was in their midst. High school students are on a journey to find their identity and influence in this world, and it’s crucial that they are founded in theUNDERGROUND movement that began more than 2000 years ago with the author of life – Jesus Christ. All 6th-12th grades are welcome to join us at theCHURCH youth room on Tuesdays from  from 7:00-8:30PM. . 

Young Adults (20 Somethings)

Are you in your 20’s and looking to connect with others at church? Come to theRE:center on Sunday, December 6th at 6PM to check out a new ministry that’s starting just for you. There will be pizza as well as discussion about what’s happening starting in January 2021. For more information please contact Chris at 928-358-9858.

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