theCHURCH believes that we are called to be present in our community, building relationships and inspiring hope through Jesus Christ. We support and are involved with many local organizations including the Show Low Homeless Coalition, Living Hope Centers, The Love Kitchen, Bread of Life Shelter, Drug Court, Blue Vase Recovery Center, and Apache Youth Ministries. Our goal is to not just give our money, but to give our time and resources so that we can hold fast to these mutually transformative partnerships. We are so grateful to be partnered with some incredible people as we all strive to make it easier to know Jesus in our community! Click HERE if you’d like to volunteer!


We are a pro-life ministry fostering hope in the lives of individuals and families.


We empower Christ followers through a unique partnership opportunity to evangelize, provide services that protect the unborn, mentor students and parents and heal the hurting.

Fighting Hunger While Feeding The Body AND Soul Since 1986.

We have a heart to serve our community and understanding that everyone has a story. Everyone at the Love Kitchen is here to listen and extend a hand of compassion and love.

Navajo County Drug Court

Drug Courts are voluntary programs for offenders charged with or convicted of drug and drug-related crimes.  An alternative to regular criminal adjudication, Drug Court teams typically consist of a judge, prosecutor, defense attorney, probation officer, and a treatment provider who collaborate to design appropriate treatment and counseling, as well as incentives and sanctions to reduce the offender’s dependency on illicit drugs and recidivism.  The Drug Courts follow the ten key components of Drug Court established by the National Association of Drug Court Professionals, which follow Evidence Based Principles.  Eligibility for Drug Court varies depending on the requirements and restrictions of the program.  Navajo County’s Drug Court follows a post-adjudication procedure in which offenders enter the program after pleading guilty.  Individuals now on probation, then are given opportunities to utilize drug treatment services, such as counseling and education.  Offenders also must abide by certain rules, such as abstaining from drugs and alcohol and obeying any other prohibitions ordered by the judge.

Blue Vase Recovery Center

Share experience, strength and hope with addicts to help them achieve sobriety.

Treating an addict is difficult for a number of reasons. First the addict is hesitant to change.  Change is scary. Change involves admitting that there is a problem and that help is needed! Therefore, the approach to recovery is paramount. The recovery process must involve a number of approaches and strategies to meet the needs of the individual.

Apache Youth Ministries

Apache Youth Ministries (AYM) is a non-denominational, youth organization that serves the White Mountain Apache Tribe on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation. We strongly believe that our most valuable tool for evangelism is love that meets both physical and spiritual needs through relationships based on the teachings and example modeled by Jesus.

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