“Follower. Disciple. Apostle” Message 5-29-22

2 June 2022
Series: Luke

Speaker: Justin Cheely

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Point: God is calling you to something greater.

Scripture: Luke 6:12-17

Principles for studying a passage of Scripture:

Comprehension: Asks – What does the passage say?
Interpretation: Asks – What does the passage mean?
Application: Asks – How should this passage change me?


1. Read Luke 6:12-17 together as a group.

Comprehension: In your own words, how would you summarize what is happening in this story? Paint the picture for us – what does the scene and context look like?

Comprehension: Comprehension: Who are the three different “groups” of people in this passage?

Comprehension: What is a disciple? Explain.

Comprehension: What is an apostle? Explain.

Interpretation: Why do you think Jesus needed to get alone and pray all night before choosing His apostles? Explain.

Interpretation: What is the difference between followers of Jesus (great multitude of people – vs. 17), disciples of Jesus (great crowd of His disciples – vs.17), and apostles of Jesus (vs.13)? Explain.

Interpretation: How does someone move from being a follower to being a disciple to being an apostle? Explain.

Application: What does this passage teach us about God? His character? The way He works?

Application: What do you need to do (or be) differently in order to become more like Jesus? Explain.

Application: What is one thing you will do this week to become a better disciple of Jesus? Be honest and specific.

Application: What is one thing you will do this week to begin making disciples? Be honest and specific.

2. Sermon Application (for breakouts):

Conviction: How has this Scripture (or this Sermon) challenged you personally? Be specific.

Character: What about you needs to change in light of what you’ve learned? Be honest and specific.

Competence: What is your plan for change? Share with the group what you are going to do, how you are going to do it, and when you are going to do it. Leaders – Write everyone’s plan down in a journal and come back to it next week during breakouts.

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