“Hitting Your Stride” Message 1-30-2

3 February 2022
Series: Luke

Speaker: Chad Allen

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Point: God uses common people to do the uncommon.

Scripture: Luke 1:26-2:21


1. Read Luke 1:26-2:21 together as a group.

2. Why do you think God uses common people (like Mary, Elizabeth, and the shepherds) to accomplish His purposes? Explain.

Further Discussion: Why are common people better positioned to receive the abundant life that God promises us? Explain.

Consider: Are your hands open to being used by God? Or are they too full of other things? What do you need to give up? Be honest and specific.

3. Read Luke 1:46-55 again. Why is it so important to magnify the Lord when faced with uncertainty? Explain.

Further Discussion: What are some things people tend to magnify above the Lord? Give examples.

Consider: How do you tend to handle uncertainty? What gets magnified most often, even above the Lord? Be honest and specific.

4. Sermon Application:

Conviction: How has this Scripture (or this Sermon) challenged you personally? Be specific.

Character: What about you needs to change in light of what you’ve learned? Be honest and specific.

Competence: What is your plan for change? Share with the group what you are going to do, how you are going to do it, and when you are going to do it. Leaders – Write everyone’s plan down in a journal and come back to it next week during breakouts.

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