"Mission 101- Know That You Know Jesus" Message 1-12-20

14 January 2020
Series: theCHURCH
Point: Though the power of our witness for Christ comes from His Holy Spirit, the validity of our witness comes from our growing relationship with Him.
Scripture: Acts 4:1-22
1. In your opinion, why should anyone work on getting to know Jesus better?
2. How can someone really get to know Jesus? What does “quality time” with Jesus look like today?
3. Read Acts 4:13. How can people tell whether or not you have been spending time with Jesus?
4. Read Acts 4:13. How does spending quality time with Jesus make you a bold witness for Jesus? How can we be sure our boldness does not come off as arrogance but as love?
5. Read Acts 4:19-20. Why do you think that a lot of people today aren’t really that excited about Jesus? How can your excitement for Christ be more contagious?
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