"Mission In Me" Message 12-29-19

30 December 2019
Series: theCHURCH

Point: When it comes to knowing Jesus, know what you know and know that you can always know more.

Scripture: Phil. 3:1-17

1. How well would you say you know Jesus Christ? How much better do you know Him now as compared to one year ago? Explain.
2. Out of all the people you know, who would you say you know best and why? How is it you have so much insight into their life, how did you get to know them so well? What are some of the same relational “tools” you used that you could use to get to know Jesus better?
3. What is it about Jesus Christ, the cross, or His resurrection that confuses you most? What are you doing to better understand the things that confuse you about Jesus today?
4. What would you say is the most significant thing you learned about Jesus recently or over this past year? How can you best share that with someone else? How can others know what you learned just by watching your life?
5. How is growing in a community that lovingly leads one another to a closer relationship with Jesus Christ helpful to leading those outside that community to more easily know Jesus?

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