“No Longer Passed By” Message 4-17-22

24 April 2022
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Point: Jesus touched the untouchable, reached the unreachable, and loved the unlovable.

Scripture: Luke 5:12-16

Principles for studying a passage of Scripture:

 Comprehension: Asks – What does the passage say?

 Interpretation: Asks – What does the passage mean?

 Application: Asks – How should this passage change me?


1. Read Luke 5:1-11 together as a group.

 Interpretation: In your own words, what is God saying in this passage and why? What are the big ideas?

 Comprehension: Read Leviticus 13:9-17. What are 2 differences between the priests in Leviticus and Jesus (our High Priest) in Luke? Explain.

 Interpretation: Read Leviticus 13:45-46. What are some physical, emotional, and mental sufferings that a leper may experience?

 Interpretation: What are 3 ways that leprosy and sin might have similar effects in a person’s life? Explain your answer.

 Comprehension: Read Luke 5:12-16 again. How does Jesus heal the physical, mental, and emotional brokenness this leper is experiencing? Be specific and explain your answer.

 Application: Have there been times in your life where you felt like a leper? Give examples. How has Jesus been the hope of your life in those seasons? Explain.

 Application: What kinds of people do you tend to avoid or treat as “leperous”? Be honest and specific. How can you begin to see those people differently? What would it take to reach out and love them?

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