"We > Me" Message 9-22-19

22 September 2019
Series: theCHURCH
Topic: church , life , together

Point: Life was not intended to be lived alone. We were created to do life together because a life of we is always greater than a life of just me.
Scripture: Eph. 3:14-19; Jn. 15:9-13; Heb. 10:19-25

1. Read Eph. 3:14-19. Why do you think “church people” sometimes make it hard for other “church people” to love them? Why do we sometimes make it hard for ourselves to love others?
2. Read Jn. 15:9-13. Jesus said to “love one another as I have loved you?, But what does that mean? How did Jesus love us?
3. Read Heb. 10:19-25. Why do you think Community Groups are so helpful in leading us to truly love one another?
4. Read Heb. 10:24. We are told to “Consider how to stir one another up to love and good works”, what are good ways to do this (that aren’t lame)?
5. Read Heb. 10:25. How is it helpful knowing that you are not alone in your walk with Christ? How does doing life together with other Christians make this life a little easier even stronger?

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