"Word Up" Message 9-13-20

18 September 2020

Point: The closer I get to Jesus the more I get to know God and the easier it is to be like Him. The best opportunity we have for getting closer is by being in and praying through His word.

Scripture1 Peter 1:22-25


1. Read 1 Peter 1:22-25. Do you think the bible is the centerpoint of the Christian faith? Why or why not? Explain.

2. Can anyone truly follow Jesus without the word of God? Explain.

3. Look at verse 22. How does the word help you love others from a pure heart?

4. Read verses 23-24. How is the Word of God living and active in and through you? Explain.

5. Why must the good news of the Gospel be continually preached? How can you spread the good news to the people around you this week?

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